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history of judo

history of judo

In every sport or thing there is always have a history that explains where it was started and how it begun. The history of judo begun in Japan and it was being originated by Japanese. Long time ago the Dr. Jigoro Kano thinks of a martial arts that is a form of self defence Dr. Kano is the father of Juno he is the one who made the Judo and today judo is everywhere from his simple thinking of an activity that can defend one’s self he was able to create a sports that makes everyone’s hobby and not only that the whole nations is enjoying what Dr. Kano had discovered.

Part of the history of the judo is the jujitzu it is where the judo actions came from. It is a kind of actions that needs to attack the opponent by holding the body and try to drag down in the ground and by using the legs it will lock down to the body of the opponent so that it will no longer make any moves. The Judo can be a self defence if there is someone will attack you. Learning the basic on it you can hit the attackers and you will not harm from them.

The history of judo way back in 1909 Dr. Kano became the first committee of the Asian Olympic and Judo was being introduced to the public. Many people accepts the Judo sports and they enjoyed it very much from there not only the people in Tokyo able to witness the Judo fight but there are many people from other country love the Judo when it was being introduced to their country and until now it is very popular in many nations and there are many countries hosting big events for Judo. There are many participants came from different parts of the world.

Master Jigoro Kano contributed a lot in the history of judo without him there will be no Judo associations that are created and there are no players who played judo. He was being awarded by Asahi prize as outstanding man in sharing his knowledge in sports in Japan. Many Japanese are very grateful to him because he brings pride to all Japanese and at the same time he brings pride in Japan.

In sea games for instance the judo is one of the sports that fans is waiting because there is excitement when watching the player attacking the opponent using its own body and at the same time the opponent have his own techniques as well. The battle of strength can be measured by this kind of sports.

judo bc

judo bc

The judo bc is an organization in Canada that accepts membership to those Canadian that are willing to learn judo and willing to train as well. The Canadian are very active in participants many big events all over the world. They consider judo as one the big sports in the country. Canada is a big country and at the time they are rich countries. Judo a sport originated in Japan brought to Canada and later many Canadians and enjoying the sports in all ages.

One of the main goals of many organizations is to train judo aspirant that is what the judo bc wanted to. They are welcome to those people who will join their organization by signing up the membership. They are equipped with all the facilities down to coaches and referees they have the best staff that will entertain to the members. They have mission and vision which is very important and at the same time values that they will to the judo aspirants joining the team.

Apart from that they have many trainings offers and even if you are already masters in joining many judo tournaments it important that you will maintain the stamina and the energy so joining the team is a nice decision you will take because you cannot be go wrong with the service of bc. They will be opening many big events where they will competing and survive the fittest the best in judo. Judo bc will post the results and ranking of the winners in their website.

Since the judo bc is a big association composing of committee they are welcome to join and they are very active in joining many international competition wherein players of judo all over the world will see each other in one event. The training in bc will be check during the competition of judo from other countries. But the people in Canada will cannot be lose easily because they are well train ebough with judo and at the same time the organization will support the team bc.

If there are many players of judo there are many fans of judo as well they are excited to see their idols performing the judo in any competitions. This is one of the motivations of the players to do well because of their fans and their countrymen. Another thing that the player needs to do is be mentally knowledgeable in all the moves and in bc all that knowledge will be teach and learn as well.

judo classes

judo classes

There are many schools that offer many judo classes open to all ages. In Japan they have many great schools that have many classes and the time can be flexible. There are some students that are not full they will make judo as their hobby after their busy career and in order to maintain their physical fitness they will enrol in class for judo and aside from that they enjoyed while doing the sports it will boost their energy on to it.

In Los Angeles in any part of the United States there are judo classes that are being offered by many schools. There are classes for juniors and seniors as well and they enjoyed doing it especially the young ones. The training judo is more effective if it will be started when they are young because as they grow older they able to learn and master the techniques of judo and the strength they have is more different compare to old ones.

In most judo association part of their membership it the member should attend the judo classes so that he can able to learn the basic or first the lecture of judo and later the application on it. During their class they have coaches and those coaches most them have a thorough knowledge of judo. Big judo schools will not get teachers that have low knowledge in judo because the students are very are their prioritize and the name of the school will be popular as well if the player will be successful in competing the judo.

The tournament of judo is big there are many great players who are competing to win the price and take home the price during the judo classes you have to be attentive and serious about it. If you want to build a career in judo you better focus your classes and accept failures in executing the techniques. It is not easy so you can experience failure and at the same time you can earn from failures. Losing is part of the sport there is a winner and a loser as well. Aside from that the schools will have a club where it is open to all judo students.

Each one of us has its own career path that need to follow if you have the passion in judo you better take it seriously because judo sports is a nice sports and at the same time it will help your body in shape and healthy as well. Taking good care of the body part of the training there are tips from the mentors on it.

judo kimono

The judo is a martial arts sport that needs power of the mind and strength. This sport originated in Japan. The Japanese is the one who founded and originated the techniques in judo. But today western and british people are already enjoying performing the judo sports. Part of the routine of the judo fight is to have a uniform the judo kimono. Even other martial arts need to have a uniform to look more exciting and more sport look as they say. The uniform of judo didn’t change and the pant looks big so that it is easy for the player to lock their legs. Although judo will not strike or kick but the legs are still useful in attacking the opponent.

Most of the judo kimono is white it is pants and a long sleeve type in the upper and it and it has a belt. There are different kinds of belt that being use by the players. There are some who will use the blue colour but most of the time it is white and the belt is black this is the standard colour of the kimono for judo. You cannot join the fight if you don’t have the uniform to wear. Some schools provide their own uniform but most of the time the player need to buy on their own for their use and the designs of the uniform is comfortable to the skin while performing the techniques for judo they easily execute.

Some of the players that is already master in playing judo and they became super star in judo there are many sports company that will sponsor the judo kimono. They will provide the player the kimono that they need especially in the player will compete a big events and there are many people who are watching. It is part of the campaign of the brand like adidas and nike. They are one of the best companies supported to players in their uniform. There are kimonos online there are online sellers and you can easily order.

The judo kimono has a nice cloth which is very comfortable in the skin and even if you are sweat you cannot feel irritable with it. Another thing that the player need to wear a kimono uniform so that it will be recognize that certain player is under the category of judo or in karate. Most of the martial arts have the same uniform although some will put headbands on their head.

judo wallpaper

Most of the people enjoyed watching pictures and designs especially if it has colours like the judo wallpaper that you can see in many of the judo schools or in computer desktop. One thing that can attract to the people is how the designs are being made and it is not just an ordinary image but it has meaning. When the school promoted judo the pictures on either a two players match together or a drawing of judos techniques.

The artist that made the judo wallpaper will make sure that there is a message on it. When the people will see the image they can able to inspire and even if they don’t play judo they could able to inspire and be amaze of the images that they see. There are many images of judo that are use for wallpapers. The wallpapers is something that you can see easily and you can able to detect kind of sports it was even if there is no name the pictures will tell you. The pictures have life that is many judo fans will choose the best pictures for wallpaper.

There are many ways to get judo wallpaper you can get it online where many artists will post there master piece and many people will use it as the wallpaper in their cell phone or in tab. Most of the players will put image of judo and serve as wallpaper in their gadgets to motivate them and inspire while playing judo. The training of judo is hard and it takes hard work to be able to master the techniques on it through the pictures the players will be happy seeing the pictures of two players that fight with each other for the win.

In every events there are many photographers to take pictures and there are pictures that have a nice shot especially if the photographer using a nice camera. He could able to capture the emotions while performing the judo and with that there are many pictures to make as judo wallpaper by many people that are looking wallpaper in their screen. Best pictures will be considered to use as wallpaper and at the same time can use as background in any events. Since technology now is more high tech pictures are with high definitions and there some that 3d and it is clearly seen and it is nice to see in the eyes the combinations of colours are very important.

judo technologies

Today most of the people are into technology and manual application or processing is no longer applicable although some are still using. The judo technologies is an online program wherein they cater those organizations or player who are interested to join the league of judo or a certain association wanted to host an event and they wanted to post I online. They will have registration and they will be responsible in posting the application of the applicant.

The judo technologies are very useful to all transaction about judo. They have website that you can check or you have some questions about their service or if you want to use their service. This basically online business that will help lessen the job of the organizations to post some events or if they have upcoming events. All they have to do is fill up the application form and pay the necessary fees to the technologies and you just wait for the result. They will post in the site the list of champions on the said judo category.

The nice about the judo technologies is they will be the one to advertise to the said judo events to the public and for those people who are interested they are have fill up the forms to join or contact the technologies the necessary information about it. This one of the fastest way to let the public know about the upcoming events the results of the events that was being conducted by certain organization at the same time they post the rankings and the winners on the said events.

The judo is one of the famous sports all over the world. It was originated in Japan as years past by many countries adopt to play the judo. There are many events like international or world championship events. There are also Olympics which is one of the biggest events in the world and judo is one f the sports that are competing in the said events. You can check the judo technologies calendar for upcoming events of judo.

Most of the people today are very busy and wanted almost things make it rush and the technology today are evolving and the impossible can be possible it is because of the technology that the world have right now and it was being use by many business minded people. The service of technologies is what many organizations hosting events made very valuable and faster to disseminate the information.

kosen judo

The judo is mixed martial arts that were originated in Japan. Many of the Japanese enrol the judo sports in their reliable school that teaches strategic techniques of judo. The kosen judo is a type of judo techniques where in the players are allowed to make moves different from the usual sequence on how to play judo. It has its own rule in executing this kind of technique. Most of the time the opponent needs to pull down holds the uniform or the body in the ground. Still no kicking on the legs or striking the opponent using the hands.

With kosen judo the player can make the opponent directly pulls down in the ground and pulls its arms and close it legs so that the opponent cans no longer move. There is a lot of actions in the floor since the player will directly grasp the opponent and drag in the ground and with combination of the legs and arms the player will lock its legs and arms so that the opponent will can no longer move but some opponent can still move if this kind of technique cannot be executed properly. He can make his own move and tale revenge.

The kosen judo was being thought before by colleges and later use in competitions. This kind of technique is different from kodokan judo. Most of the time the players have to fight first using its hands and give some force with other or they go around in the fighting area with kosen the player will lie directly in the floor and start the fight automatically and they begin to give their force one another until they give all their energy.

In all of the techniques of judo all players will use the quickness and gentle at the same time. This is the battle of force and at the same time who has more powerful while executing all those techniques same with kosen judo that both player are very eager to let their opponent drag down because most of the time the first player who will position and can easily pull the opponent will be declared as the winner if he can no longer recovered.

The judo sports became worldwide trend wherein all over the world many people are excited to join many big competitions. Many big countries are competing and may the best in judo wins and go home the prize and aside from that it will bring pride to its own country.

judo training

Most of the judo master before they become master in judo they undergo an extensive judo training. Their training started to the very basic down to the tough one. It is very important that when playing the judo they need to have the energize their self started with cardio they have to last longer and will not felt tired easily because once they will feel tired easily there is a big tendency that they will lose the fight and due loss of energy.

In the judo training start the basic like walking and stretching the muscles before the start the main part of the training which the griping part and serious strength. The gripping part is one of the important parts where you have held the opponent with force. In grabbing the opponent there is a proper way to do it. Make sure that while grabbing and holding the opponent your energy will stay the same so that you can easily puu it down.

In judo the strongest will survive that is why in judo training you have to execute it well so that in the real battle you already knew what are you are going to do. There is a program in training. Before the player will call as judo player he needs to make all the training perfectly from crashing and gripping part of judo. Once the opponent will down you have to lift his hands and your foot will support on it at the same time.

If you will give up in the judo training there is a big possibility that you cannot be a good judo master. Before the training start you have to motivate yourself and condition it as well. The training is not just simply an exercise but it requires a hundred percent energy of the body. The coaches will train like a world championship you have to give your best focus on the techniques and execute it perfectly from there if you were able to do that there is a big possibility that you can be the representative of judo in your country.

One way to focus in training the judo is look for a school that have a complete knowledge in judo. Join a camp and stay in their station for as long as one month concentrates it so that you can easily develop your skills. It is a battle of strength and training is the best solution. The country will choose the best judo player and will represent his country to other country in that way the country will support your training all the way to the champion.

judo kata

In judo there are many techniques that the players need to learn. The judo kata this is one of the name of the execution of judo. This how to explain to perform gently and calmly the techniques. The judo is not like karate and other martial arts that require a distance to the opponent so that you can hit it. In judo learn the kata way on how to touch the body of the opponent before it will go down in the floor and you will win.

There judo kata way that the opponent will hang at the bank of the player it is because the first player touch its hands and shoulder and grasp it upward. It will execute moderately but with force that is why the opponent will lose his strength as it go down to the ground. It is not easy especially if you don’t have the full energy to perform the judo. Before you perform this technique you better consult your mentor or make sure self prepare the entire necessary outcome on it.

Some judo kata looks like a gymnastic when the athletes touch its opponents body not hard just relax but it will stretch to the upper or the lower side of the court and player will proceed to the next step so that it will make the opponent lose its energy usually they pulled over the arms and put their legs around the body of the losing opponent. While performing this you have to think that you can carry the opponent’s energy while doing the kata.

In doing the judo kata the player should be flexible enough to do the techniques. To make the technique perfect you need to practice to your fellow students that is what the mentors do after they teach the techniques they let their students perform it by pairing on his students so that he can check who the best students in using such techniques is. There are players will use judo techniques differently depending on where he is comfortable and where he can use his force much on the fight.

In judo there is throwing and grasping but there is no kicking the opponent. Before you proceed to many techniques the mentors will teach you the rules in judo and study the judo theoretically. The kata is a way to touch the opponent in the body using force but gently up his body and put is down immediately. The player have to be quick in every execution he make.

women judo

The judo is a kind of mixed martial arts wherein you have to pull down your opponent using your force so that you can bit your opponent. This kind of sports sounds like it is good only for men but the judo is open to women there are women judo competition and same with the men they will undergo training and at the same time the rules and techniques are just the same as men. Men and women are equal in performing judo.

During the competition the women judo have category as well depends on what weight they are allowed to join. Checking the weight of the player before competing is very important because if you are not having the same weight there is a big possibility that the bigger the weight the higher chance he can win the battle. This category is also open to men it is not just for women. There are also for juniors and seniors tournament.

All judo schools there are women judo division. They will compete with their fellow students in the school. They have the mentors that will guide them on the proper execution of the techniques while doing the judo. They need their entire force to let the opponent go down. There are separate competitions for men and women because men are stronger than women so they will challenge the men will easily win against the women.

In many judo competitions the women judo is always included. There is no discrimination in this kind of sports. Once the judo schools train the women well that particular player will compete to other country’s women and they will have to showcase their skills on judo. In order to be a good player in judo it is very important that you be good in both physical and intellectual so that you can easily bit the opponent successfully.

In judo school women are being thought how to shape perfectly in judo. There is a combination of strength the power and the attitude will join together. In judo it is being thought also the sportsmanship and follows all the rules that are being given to the players. The women will join different competitions like the world championships the Olympics and other big tournament as long as the athlete is qualifies to do the judo.