history of judo

history of judo

In every sport or thing there is always have a history that explains where it was started and how it begun. The history of judo begun in Japan and it was being originated by Japanese. Long time ago the Dr. Jigoro Kano thinks of a martial arts that is a form of self defence Dr. Kano is the father of Juno he is the one who made the Judo and today judo is everywhere from his simple thinking of an activity that can defend one’s self he was able to create a sports that makes everyone’s hobby and not only that the whole nations is enjoying what Dr. Kano had discovered.

Part of the history of the judo is the jujitzu it is where the judo actions came from. It is a kind of actions that needs to attack the opponent by holding the body and try to drag down in the ground and by using the legs it will lock down to the body of the opponent so that it will no longer make any moves. The Judo can be a self defence if there is someone will attack you. Learning the basic on it you can hit the attackers and you will not harm from them.

The history of judo way back in 1909 Dr. Kano became the first committee of the Asian Olympic and Judo was being introduced to the public. Many people accepts the Judo sports and they enjoyed it very much from there not only the people in Tokyo able to witness the Judo fight but there are many people from other country love the Judo when it was being introduced to their country and until now it is very popular in many nations and there are many countries hosting big events for Judo. There are many participants came from different parts of the world.

Master Jigoro Kano contributed a lot in the history of judo without him there will be no Judo associations that are created and there are no players who played judo. He was being awarded by Asahi prize as outstanding man in sharing his knowledge in sports in Japan. Many Japanese are very grateful to him because he brings pride to all Japanese and at the same time he brings pride in Japan.

In sea games for instance the judo is one of the sports that fans is waiting because there is excitement when watching the player attacking the opponent using its own body and at the same time the opponent have his own techniques as well. The battle of strength can be measured by this kind of sports.