judo kata

In judo there are many techniques that the players need to learn. The judo kata this is one of the name of the execution of judo. This how to explain to perform gently and calmly the techniques. The judo is not like karate and other martial arts that require a distance to the opponent so that you can hit it. In judo learn the kata way on how to touch the body of the opponent before it will go down in the floor and you will win.

There judo kata way that the opponent will hang at the bank of the player it is because the first player touch its hands and shoulder and grasp it upward. It will execute moderately but with force that is why the opponent will lose his strength as it go down to the ground. It is not easy especially if you don’t have the full energy to perform the judo. Before you perform this technique you better consult your mentor or make sure self prepare the entire necessary outcome on it.

Some judo kata looks like a gymnastic when the athletes touch its opponents body not hard just relax but it will stretch to the upper or the lower side of the court and player will proceed to the next step so that it will make the opponent lose its energy usually they pulled over the arms and put their legs around the body of the losing opponent. While performing this you have to think that you can carry the opponent’s energy while doing the kata.

In doing the judo kata the player should be flexible enough to do the techniques. To make the technique perfect you need to practice to your fellow students that is what the mentors do after they teach the techniques they let their students perform it by pairing on his students so that he can check who the best students in using such techniques is. There are players will use judo techniques differently depending on where he is comfortable and where he can use his force much on the fight.

In judo there is throwing and grasping but there is no kicking the opponent. Before you proceed to many techniques the mentors will teach you the rules in judo and study the judo theoretically. The kata is a way to touch the opponent in the body using force but gently up his body and put is down immediately. The player have to be quick in every execution he make.