kosen judo

The judo is mixed martial arts that were originated in Japan. Many of the Japanese enrol the judo sports in their reliable school that teaches strategic techniques of judo. The kosen judo is a type of judo techniques where in the players are allowed to make moves different from the usual sequence on how to play judo. It has its own rule in executing this kind of technique. Most of the time the opponent needs to pull down holds the uniform or the body in the ground. Still no kicking on the legs or striking the opponent using the hands.

With kosen judo the player can make the opponent directly pulls down in the ground and pulls its arms and close it legs so that the opponent cans no longer move. There is a lot of actions in the floor since the player will directly grasp the opponent and drag in the ground and with combination of the legs and arms the player will lock its legs and arms so that the opponent will can no longer move but some opponent can still move if this kind of technique cannot be executed properly. He can make his own move and tale revenge.

The kosen judo was being thought before by colleges and later use in competitions. This kind of technique is different from kodokan judo. Most of the time the players have to fight first using its hands and give some force with other or they go around in the fighting area with kosen the player will lie directly in the floor and start the fight automatically and they begin to give their force one another until they give all their energy.

In all of the techniques of judo all players will use the quickness and gentle at the same time. This is the battle of force and at the same time who has more powerful while executing all those techniques same with kosen judo that both player are very eager to let their opponent drag down because most of the time the first player who will position and can easily pull the opponent will be declared as the winner if he can no longer recovered.

The judo sports became worldwide trend wherein all over the world many people are excited to join many big competitions. Many big countries are competing and may the best in judo wins and go home the prize and aside from that it will bring pride to its own country.