women judo

The judo is a kind of mixed martial arts wherein you have to pull down your opponent using your force so that you can bit your opponent. This kind of sports sounds like it is good only for men but the judo is open to women there are women judo competition and same with the men they will undergo training and at the same time the rules and techniques are just the same as men. Men and women are equal in performing judo.

During the competition the women judo have category as well depends on what weight they are allowed to join. Checking the weight of the player before competing is very important because if you are not having the same weight there is a big possibility that the bigger the weight the higher chance he can win the battle. This category is also open to men it is not just for women. There are also for juniors and seniors tournament.

All judo schools there are women judo division. They will compete with their fellow students in the school. They have the mentors that will guide them on the proper execution of the techniques while doing the judo. They need their entire force to let the opponent go down. There are separate competitions for men and women because men are stronger than women so they will challenge the men will easily win against the women.

In many judo competitions the women judo is always included. There is no discrimination in this kind of sports. Once the judo schools train the women well that particular player will compete to other country’s women and they will have to showcase their skills on judo. In order to be a good player in judo it is very important that you be good in both physical and intellectual so that you can easily bit the opponent successfully.

In judo school women are being thought how to shape perfectly in judo. There is a combination of strength the power and the attitude will join together. In judo it is being thought also the sportsmanship and follows all the rules that are being given to the players. The women will join different competitions like the world championships the Olympics and other big tournament as long as the athlete is qualifies to do the judo.